A December to remember

Wow! Where do I begin? December started out with us welcoming the holiday season with open arms and my goodness did y'all show your love and support! On December 5th, we had a very special market day at The Chandler Farmer's Market in Arizona, and I can't wait to share a little secret on what made it so special. One of the reasons is that my dear friend, Elizabeth, was able to fly in from New York City and be there with me. I didn't realize what a HUGE help she was when it came to loading up the car in the morning, setting up at the market and helping me pack it all up when we were finished. Market days always fill my heart with so much joy. When I launched my business back in June of 2020, I started the market days during the hottest summer Arizona had ever seen on record. Regardless of the heat, I could not ask for a more caring, supportive and loving community. Chandler and the surrounding Phoenix/Scottsdale area has taken Mama Mitchell's under their wing and helped me fly in more ways than one. The stories that customers have shared with me and the memories they have of their grandparent or family members is truly the heart and soul behind the Mama Mitchell brand. My dream is to use Mama Mitchell's pound cake and future recipes to bring people together and to ignite the importance of family, family heirlooms and being around the table with one another. On December 10th at 10am, we launched Mama Mitchell's website: mamamitchells.com and our completely new re-branding and packaging. Josh Capeder, in Charleston, SC, brought my vision to life and I will forever be in awe of his talents. That day will be one I will remember for the rest of my life. My heart was pounding and hands were trembling as I was writing the "social media post" that morning which would launch the website nationwide. Within two days of launching and by December 20th, I had baked and shipped out 50+cakes all by hand. I started on Saturday, December 19th at 4am and finished 72hrs later. Seeing the list of names of each and every customer and baking every individual pound cake by hand was a feeling I will never be able to describe. It was a December to remember for sure and I can hardly wait to announce what is coming for 2021, for the Mama Mitchell's brand. We look forward to growing and expanding the business in more ways than one. Mama Mitchell's is more than just a pound cake. It is a specialty item, a one-of-a-kind family heirloom with a story and a perfect gift for any occasion. Thank you all for your continued love and support.


With Love,

Ali Patton

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