A ThankFULL heart

A thankFULL heart is most certainly what I've had since starting Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake. However, I find the month of November tends to bring a heightened sense of awareness for the people and things I am most grateful for. It's been a year and a half since I took the biggest leap of faith, answered my calling and started the business that would soon become the most fulfilling journey I've ever been on. For me, this fulfillment has come from the joy of others. It's come from you, sharing your own stories and memories of the people, things and times you've treasured over the years. You've shared in the excitement of Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake, our little celebrations along the way and each day, I feel you've become part of the Mama Mitchell's business and family we're continuing to grow. I genuinely think that together we're always better and can do so much.

November brought about so much to be thankful for. We kicked off the month by celebrating another trip around the sun and turning 35 (time slow down) with a birthday giveaway! We were thrilled to ship two of our Mama Mitchell's MIDI's to our winner, Allison in Alabama! We had a fascinating Thanksgiving pop-up event at AJ's Fine Foods out here in Arizona and sold out within just a few hours! A record number of Thanksgiving orders were shipped out, and there is no way to describe the feeling of knowing my sweet Mama Mitchell's treasured recipe would be enjoyed at your Thanksgiving tables across the country. I honestly still pinch myself with each and every box that goes out with her name on top.

As we enter the Christmas season with a grateful heart, I find it can also be the busiest and often most stressful time of the year (am I right?). For me, it's essential to find the time in the early mornings, a quiet minute with my coffee, to reflect and express gratitude for where I am in that moment. Before the craziness of the day begins, I find that changing my mindset on what I get to do versus what I have to do makes a big difference.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to wake up every day and live out this dream of continuing my grandmother's legacy. Using her pound cake recipe as a way to share her love with others across the country has been the greatest gift of all. It reminds me of my favorite childhood book, The Giving Tree. Even though Mama Mitchell is gone, little does she know she still gives me the greatest joy in life. I can hardly wait to share with you what we have in store for 2022!

With love,

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