A very grateful April

April was full of surprises, announcements and celebrations! It was so exciting finally share with you the behind the scene projects we'd been working on for quite some time! Multiple Easter shipments went out across the country and I loved seeing all the different ways our sweet customers enjoyed their Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake! I still pinch myself every time a cake is delivered and continuously humbled by your support and generosity. Speaking of shipping, huge strides have been made and I look forward to updating you on what is to come for our website and packaging!

 On April 20th, we shared some BIG news! Our first-ever, national magazine publication with VIE Magazine was announced and there most certainly were tears of joy! I can't even begin to express my appreciation for Lisa Burwell (Founder/CEO of VIE Magazine), Jordan Staggs (Managing Editor) and the very talented, Kelsey Ogletree (Writer/Editor). For months, Kelsey Ogletree took the time to interview me and diligently poured her heart into understanding my story. Because of these women, readers across the country are able to purchase VIE Magazine's May Culinary issue and read Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake story.  

As April continued, we shared two other big announcements! As many of you know, I am inspired every day by Carrie Morey (Owner/CEO of Callie's Hot Little Biscuits) and Stephanie Summerson Hall (Owner/CEO of Estelle Colored Glass). Their businesses and accomplishments are truly remarkable. Mama Mitchell's was thrilled for Carrie's exciting announcement for the brand-new documentary, airing nationwide on PBS, called "How She Rolls"! We can't wait to see what each episode will entail! 

As we inched closer to one of the most special days of the year, I was totally surprised when I received one of the MOST special requests! Stephanie Summerson Hall was getting ready to launch, "Our Founders Favorite Things" for a spectacular Mother's Day giveaway and asked to have Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake as part of her incredible Mother's Day package! This was SO MUCH FUN and I am still on cloud 9! We shipped our delicious cake to South Carolina for the stunning photoshoot and was in awe of the gorgeous photos that were shared on social media! We will be shipping the Estelle Colored Glass giveaway winner her very own Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake this week and will never ever forget this memory!

To my family, friends, customers, and Farmer's Market community here in Arizona, you continue to be a part of my story. I have dreams of continuing to expand the Mama Mitchell brand, products and items that represent my grandmother, her recipes and her heritage. As I continue to work hard each day to accomplish my vision for the future, I look forward to sharing each step along the way.

It was a grateful April, indeed!

With Love,




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