Celebrate National Pound Cake Day with Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake!

The time to start celebrating National Pound Cake day starts NOW and we hope you will join in on all the fun! That’s right, National Pound Cake Day is on March 4th and we’re bringing you along as we highlight not only the history of this incredible, versatile desert but more importantly, Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake! 


Did you know that pound cake dates back to the 18th century? In Northern Europe we know that this delectable desert was traditionally made by adding a pound of each ingredient.  However, over the centuries pound cake has evolved over time and there are many techniques that come into play when mastering this desert we’ve come to love so much.


One thing we know for sure, is Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake has perfected the art of baking this bundt shaped, one-of-a-kind beauty since the 1800s. Passed down for 5 generations, our family is proud to have such a treasured recipe as part of our heritage. Our beloved Original Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake weighs in at a little over four pounds, so there is always plenty to go around for your upcoming special occasions and family gatherings this spring! 


Over the next few days we hope you will indulge with us, celebrate with us, treat yourself and surprise a loved one with our incredible, heirloom recipe just in time for National Pound Cake Day! Stay tuned and follow along as we highlight delicious, fun, and creative ways to enjoy Mama Mitchell’s favorite desert all season long! 

We've been keeping a BIG secret and in a few short weeks you will be the first to know what Mama Mitchell’s has up our sleeve! Hmm. Will we be announcing this big secret on National Pound Cake Day? Stay tuned and make sure you have subscribed to our email list and be the first to know about our big announcement! 

Order by February 28th and receive your very own Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake just in time for National Pound Cake Day!   







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