A February filled with love

February was certainly filled with love! We announced our social media contest winner, and shipped a Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake to Kristen, in Alabama! Local deliveries, Valentine's shipments and Farmer's Market Days made for a busy, but always fulfilling month. On February 20th, we had a GREAT day as a new vendor at the North Scottsdale (Troon) Farmer's Market and looking forward to beautiful Spring days here in Arizona!

We are thrilled to also be joining in a few weeks, the private Desert Mountain Market & also the incredible Old Town Scottsdale Market! March is gearing up to be jam packed and I can hardly wait to announce what exciting things we have up our sleeve! This week, we had an opportunity to tour a commercial kitchen space and looking forward to future plans to scale the Mama Mitchell's brand. With baby showers, engagement parties, Easter and Mother's Day around the corner, we are ready to bake for you this treasured family heirloom. Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake is a classic, timeless recipe and the perfect addition to the loved ones around your table for these special moments!

On the last day of the month, I took a moment to introduce myself to quite a few of our newest followers on social media. So, below are a few fun facts I shared as the owner/baker for Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake.

* I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL
* I am the youngest of 3 siblings (Aimee + Andy + Ali)
* I love my parents and the support they have given me throughout my life and in awe of their 40+ years of marriage
* Delta airlines seems to have been a second home the last 9yrs of life, as I have traveled over 1M+ miles, with a career as a business consultant
* I now live in Scottsdale, AZ, and think living in a resort destination is 100% the way to go!
* Mama Mitchell took up a huge part of my heart and sharing this journey with you, has been one of my greatest fulfillment’s in life
* I dream one day of getting married and having a family of my own (Yes. I’m aware my time is ticking. Ha!)
* I find joy in exploring new places, finding great trendy new restaurants and hotels. Love a good wine, spicy margaritas and cannot live without my morning coffee
* Being outside, the sunshine, running early in the am, and hiking keep me sane
* I am normally up every morning at 5am
* I watch a lot of golf but don’t ask me to try and swing a club!
* Jesus is in my heart and brings me a peace that surpasses all understanding
* I am the proud “Aunt Ali” or “Ah Ah” as they call me, to 3 adorable nephews + 1 niece who are my heartbeats in life
* I dream of one day having a big wrap around Southern front porch with a swing and a place to call home, where I can raise a family and one day pass down the Mama Mitchell's business to my children.
* I am a sucker for fresh flowers around the house and love a good candle! 
Thank you for the continued love and support of this small business and following along to see where this journey will lead.  
With Love,


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