Happy New Year from Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake

We are welcoming 2022 with open arms and can’t wait to bring you along on the journey. I have always loved the month of January and the buzz that it creates. We see and hear from others what they are excited about starting, changing, sticking to, committing to and most of all looking forward to with a new year on the horizon. 

It is an opportunity for a fresh start, preparing and being intentional for what we hope for. Since starting Mama Mitchell’s, what I know to be true, is no matter how much you plan for you will certainly have days where you must pivot, wing it, and by golly just go with the flow! Can anyone relate?  I have loved every special moment that we, together, have shared along the way and hope when you think of Mama Mitchell’s you feel at home. Being surrounded by family and friends during life’s most memorable moments is what I think we can all relate to. When these special occasions are near, we hope you will bring a Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake with you to the table and know that it will be the ultimate crowd pleaser! 

Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake

Your kindness and support have taken Mama Mitchell’s small business to places we never imagined and we still do a little dance with each and every order that comes through. We had a record number of holiday shipments and we would LOVE to hear from you! Who did you share your Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake with? What fun memories were made? Are there ways we can improve or suggestions you have for us? Let us know here!

We are heading to Charleston, SC in just a few weeks and can hardly wait to share with you what BIG plans we have up our sleeve! We are gearing up for a busy baking season with Valentine’s Day and springtime that we know will be here soon! Let us do the baking for life’s exciting moments in 2022, and know that when you bring Mama Mitchell’s to the table it has been loved for generations. We hope our treasured recipe will help you create new memories this year and for years to come!

Thank you for your friendship, love and support!

Ali Patton

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