Happy Spring!

There is nothing quite like spring and here at Mama Mitchell's we welcomed this beautiful season by celebrating National Pound Cake Day! Y'all love a good giveaway and we had so much fun watching you tag, share and post. We congratulated our winner, Mollie from Alabama, and look forward to having other exciting contests throughout the year. The first week of March, we had a memorable day working with Jessie Boyd, a local AZ photographer, for our spring photoshoot! Our goal was to capture more creative ways to serve and enjoy your Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake!

It was also a jam-packed month at our local Farmer’s Markets. We loved getting out and meeting so many incredible people! Your support, the stories you shared and connections that were made are something I treasure and do not take for granted. A little Mama Mitchell milestone was also celebrated for surpassing 700+ friends and followers on Facebook/Instagram (yay!) I couldn't do this without you and genuinely couldn't ask for a better group of people to have along on this journey. 

Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake had the amazing opportunity to be featured in Arizona Foothills Magazine’s trendsetter section. This provided an outlet to share the love, passion and dedication I have for this business and continuation of my grandmother's legacy. Taste of the South Magazine also posted a surprise shout-out that was totally unexpected! How very excited and appreciative we are. We are now gearing up for Easter shipments going this week, and thrilled that Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake will be part of family gatherings across the country.

Buckle up for another whirlwind month starting in April! We have several announcements that will finally be revealed and certain you will be happy with what's to come! You are and will always be part of this dream. Big things are coming and I am looking forward to expanding the Mama Mitchell brand as we continue through 2021. 

Mama Mitchell is my reason, you are my motivation, and together we will write the next chapter.

With Love,


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