May with Mom and Mama Mitchell's

What better way to welcome May, than having my Mom in town! On May 1st, Ann was able to attend her very first Mama Mitchell's market day and she loved every second of it! Having her beside me, sharing the story of her mother and handing out our treasured Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake to customers was as good as it gets. I will forever remember that special day as we celebrated Mother's Day week out here in Arizona. 

One of the most exciting packages also arrived during the month of May and I couldn't open it fast enough! The official copy of VIE Magazine's Culinary Issue. Opening up the box, pulling out the gorgeous publication and finally flipping through the pages of Mama Mitchell's article, was something in a million years never thought I would do. It now sits on my coffee table and is a daily reminder that anything is possible when you pour your heart and soul into what you envision bringing to life. 

May was so much fun and I continue to believe that Mama Mitchell's friends and followers are the best ones anybody could ask for. You all have been so involved and I value the overwhelming feedback you've provided. I look forward to rolling out new, exciting items based on your responses! We also celebrated surpassing 900+ followers and will be gearing up for a very busy June. We are heading down to Charleston, SC, for a project with Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake and can't wait to share with you what we're working on! It is hard to believe that June 20th, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary!

As we continue along on this journey together, I am so glad you're by my side. 

With Love,


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