Spring into a new season with Mama Mitchell’s Lemon Pound Cake

Have you heard the news? We've officially launched our brand-new flavor and squeezing every opportunity! That’s right, our Mama Mitchell’s Lemon Pound Cake is over-the-top divine and getting rave reviews from customers across the country! We can’t wait to be a part of your special occasions, springtime celebrations, al fresco patio nights and Easter gatherings with those you love most!

We have enjoyed more than anything having you with us on our Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake journey and being part of our story. Just recently, we took a trip to The Big House (Mama Mitchell’s childhood home in Waukeenah, FL) and felt more connected than ever to where our 100-year-old pound cake recipe originated.

Walking inside her original 165-year-old kitchen, we were so inspired to bring you even more ways to enjoy our beloved Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake. With spring baking in full swing, we hope you’ll join us in the kitchen as we prepare some of our favorite Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake toppings, serving suggestions and celebrations all season long!


Easy Breezy Lemon Glaze Recipe

1 cup confectioner’s sugar

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Drizzle over your Mama Mitchell’s Lemon Pound Cake OR Mama Mitchell’s MIDI Lemon Pound Cake



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