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Hey, Ya'll! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you stay awhile. My name is Ali Patton, and I am the owner and baker behind Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, my Southern roots run deep and I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up as a child, you would often find me playing in the neighborhood with lifelong friends from dawn until dusk, enjoying time with family, and always trying to keep up with my older siblings, Aimee and Andy. Imagination and curiosity have forever been ingrained within me and have carried well into my adulthood. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in communication from The University of Alabama, I have spent the last decade of my life traveling and flying over a million miles as a full-time International Business Consultant. I am passionate about helping others set goals, grow their businesses, and achieve their dreams, but when I found myself lying awake night after night, thinking about my own dream, I had finally run out of reasons not to chase after it. When Mama Mitchell passed in 2019, a massive piece of my heart was gone, and in that moment, I decided to honor her legacy and share with the world who she was. Having never felt more nervous, scared and excited in my life, I have poured my heart and soul into launching Mama Mitchell's Pound Cake. This is the biggest aspiration I've ever chased, and I'm thrilled to have you along on this journey with me.

With Love,
Ali Patton

Where the story began... 

To fully appreciate this one-of-a-kind, family heirloom recipe, we invite you first to know the story, the pound cake story, that represents Mama Mitchell and who she was to so many. Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake is a recipe that is sure to please and will have you dreaming of your next bite. One of the most versatile desserts Mama Mitchell would make is sure to become a staple on your kitchen counter, just like it has on ours for over 100 years.

She was everything to everyone and the grandchildren adored her. She was known as Mama Mitchell.

Virginia Carolyn Floyd Mitchell was born in Waukeenah, Florida, at what was known as “The Big House”. Later in life, she resided in Hueytown, Alabama, where she remained happily married for 42 years and raised three cherished children. She was a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, loyal wife, mother, trusted friend and grandmother.

Mama Michell

The love she gave to all was the best kind of love. Bringing people together around the table with her cooking, baking, and conversation is when she was happiest. Her life was about giving to others and it showed in all that she did. She left an imprint, a positive impact and a memory in the hearts and lives of those who knew her. She left a legacy and was an example of what living and loving should be. So pull up a chair and stay awhile. Mama Mitchell wanted us to enjoy the little things in life and to know that everyone is welcome at the table.

Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake holds a story that represents a generation of hard work, the love of family and being together.

Growing up in "The Big House," Mama Mitchell was surrounded by the joy of cooking and baking through her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. We love this family recipe that dates back to the 1800s when it became a Southern staple in that same kitchen. It is what she remembered and soon became the dessert she would share with others for years to come. Growing up as a little girl, one of the fondest memories I have was spending time at her house. I can still see her scurrying to slide open the glass door before wrapping me in her arms whenever I would stop by for a surprise visit. Today, I share with you this treasured family heirloom, the love she gave to so many and a legacy that will live on with Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake.

Her beloved three children, Ann, George and Hershel Mitchell

Her beloved three children, Ann, George and Hershel.