• A treasured family recipe since the 1800s.

Mama Mitchell

Our Story

“I just received my first mama Mitchell pound cake. I ordered the lemon, and it is incredible. If you have a second and want to read a remarkable story, check out the website and see how and where this southern pound originated. So freaking good. The best I’ve had”.

Wyatt Daniels, DDS

Such a fantastic business and story, and an even more incredible taste. After lockdown, I got one of Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cakes for my PaPas first birthday party. Telling him the story behind the cake made it all that much more sentimental and special for him. We enjoyed it with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Yum! Everyone could not rave enough about how incredible and nostalgic this pound cake was! "Just like Mama used to make."


Just the most perfect gift with such a heartwarming history! As a real estate broker for over 25 years, I have struggled with finding a good gift for my clients. I have sent over 30 pound cakes to friends and clients so far. I heard from so many that they just loved them, how delicious they were and thanked me for thinking of them. I am glad that I finally found a small business that I can support and know that their beautiful and delicious coffee cakes will be delivered on time and well received.


"Tastes like home! The flavor is wonderful; the crust is divine and buttery. Mama's cake is perfect solo but works well with any toppings. The perfect cake to bring to gatherings or send as a gift!"

Donna Albright - Birmingham, AL

"Wow! Your card brought tears to my eyes. It made me think about my grandma, whom I miss every day. It's something about Grandma's; they hold a special place in our hearts. My wife lost her grandma this year, so it's been up and down. But through your act of service, it's helped us to remember them!"

DaVon Nelson - Chandler, AZ

"When stationed in Alabama, my husband and I discovered two things we liked: The BBQ and the simple, delicious pound cake with no icing and no frills. A slice makes a great snack, breakfast, or pairs well with fresh raspberries, apple butter, or even a drizzle of one of the local honey. Mama Mitchell's is as perfect as it's going to get!"

Kat Theriault

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When you give the gift of Mama Mitchell’s Pound Cake, you're giving the love of togetherness, being at the table, even when from a distance.

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